Hospice Nursing Case Study

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I really enjoyed Hospice, and I haven’t been anywhere else but I have sense that it’ll be my favorite. Main reason being that Judy was amazing. She really showed me what Hospice is about and never treated her patients like they were a number. She took time to hear their complaints, or what was going on in their life which is definitely a sign of a great nurse.

1. Identify the purpose and functions of the agency. The hospice philosophy of care means providing comfort measures to individuals before death and support for their families before and after death. Some people might not necessarily think about their family, but they need just as much support as the patient. Hospice also offers services at hospice houses where people can come and stay, or Hospice will come to your actual house.

2. Identify the implications of Health People 2020 for the aggregate served. Hospice deals with a lot of patient that have COPD so they try to reduce their visits to the ER from this disease. This goes along with an objection from Healthy People 2020.
3. Compare and contrast conducting a home visit with observing a med-surg nurse. When comparing the similarities and difference of the hospice and med-surg, there is an
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Judy told me that sometime patient’s family members want something that goes against another family member but you have to go with the power of attorney which then causes strife. You have to also determine that the patient is not able to make decision for themselves before you refer to the power of attorney. Ethical concerns arise when there are family members that do not want their family in hospice care to have morphine. They say that it puts them asleep and they want to talk to them so they would rather them not be on it. Judy said you then have to explain to them that it keeps them comfortable and hope they

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