Dignity Vs Euthanasia

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Dignity vs. Suffering
Euthanasia is the act of giving an assisted death to an ill patient. It is mostly illegal throughout the World. There is a lot of controversies with the issue and groups that dislike it. Only time will tell if Euthanasia will be the norm in hospitals everywhere. The view on death is changing, and euthanasia is a method that is becoming popular, as an option for the dying to stopping suffering, In cases of terminal illness, patients should be legally permitted to end their suffering if they choose to do so. The world is suffering enough. It is time that we stop people from having painful deaths. Back in the Roman Empire euthanasia was commonly used because there was no modern medicine that could heal an illness. It was
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However, hospice nurses in Oregon do not like the Death with Dignity Act and some refuse to talk about to their patients because they don’t want to see them die that way. When a patient asks in hospice that they want to go through euthanasia they bring in a doctor that is available to commit the suicide on the patient. The hospice nurses usually do not do anything with euthanasia because it is not part of their job description. Patients are to asked the nurses if they want assisted suicide and when death option are given like, if being connected to life-support it is up to the patient. Hospice has four principals when a patient asks for euthanasia. “(1) use different language to describe the act of a hospice patient obtaining a physician 's prescription to end life; (2) provide different degrees of information in response to patients ' questions or requests regarding physician-assisted death; (3) engage in different levels of notifying the patient 's attending physician who will write the prescription (a physician invariably different from the hospice medical director); and (4) present different views of whether hospice staff may be present prior to and during the ingestion of life-ending medication.” Campbell, Courtney S. "Hospice and Physician-Assisted Death." Hastings Center Report. Sep/Oct 2010: 26-35. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 10 Mar. 2015. …show more content…
With many controversies with it, it may never be fully legal in the world. The terminally ill go through so much pain that it should be allowed for them, only, to end their lives. The loss of dignity is not worth what family members to go through and may bring more sorrow to them having assisted suicide. Just imagining being in the shoes of a terminally ill person it would be hard to know that the time is coming to die. As doctors are making better medicine hopefully these deadly diseases go away, but until then it should be a right to the patients to end it on their terms. Shown on polls mostly everywhere, citizens believe that the assisted suicide for terminally ill should be allowed. Euthanasia may be quite controversial, but a patient who has rights in the United States, should have this right regardless of what others

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