Horror Writing Essay: My Not So Regular Friday

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My Not So Regular Friday

They always say Friday the thirteenth brings you bad luck, but my horror story begins with Friday the fourteenth. After school on a regular Friday I made a quick stop at my dad’s house to drop off his stuff from my fundraiser. But only for all his friends to tell me he had just went out for a ride. He took his friend’s motorcycle out to see what was wrong with it. He was always the one someone would go to if they had bike trouble. I didn’t feel like waiting for him to get back, so I left his stuff and headed to my grandma’s house. My good friend Chelsie was staying the night. As soon as we got to my grandma’s we did everything there was to do. We went for a long bike ride all around my grandma’s back roads. We went to a football game at our school, walked about twenty laps around instead of actually watching because that was the thing to do. By the time it was ten at night we were ready to lay down and watch a movie. Seconds
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They opened the door, and I walked in. Before I could look up, I felt so many eyes staring at me. Once I could get the nerve to look up it was my family and all my dad’s friends. They sat me down in a chair. Everyone was still staring as the nurse came up to me. She sat down next to me and immediately said “Ashley…” like she knew me or had met me before. Then she said “your father was in a serious accident today, and he did not make it.” I busted out into tears. I couldn’t look up while I knew everyone was still staring at me. My mom asked me if I wanted to see him. I jumped right up and said “Yes!” They directed me to the hospital room. When I saw him, I figured they were kidding, he would wake up anytime now. I sat down next to him and realized he was yellow. His skin was pure yellow, it was almost like mustard. I just sat there and stared. He wasn’t moving, not even flinching, but neither was I. So he was alright,

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