Essay on Honor & Glory : Honor And Glory

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Honor and glory come into play in many various ways throughout the poem In many thoughts, one would believe that the two traits are portrayed as central themes. Honor and glory are central to the Greek character in numerous amounts of ways. Since heroes are the essence of the society from which they come from, Greek heroes live their lives according to honor and glory, in all kinds of varied forms. Both traits trigger a magnificent war that takes the lives of numerous men, and shapes its development in multiple stages. The fall of Troy is “a thing… whose glory shall perish never (2.324)”. The goal of the Greeks is fame that is never ending and lastly even after death, and they let nothing bar their way. The honor that is perceived within a person and their values is very important . Honor and glory define a hero, and therefore are the strong structures for everything that comes to play in the epic poem. The concepts of honor and glory are dier to understanding the motivation of the heroes in the Iliad. Glory was gained by heroic actions and deeds and was brought upon an individual by others who witnessed and claimed the glorious actions. Participating in a war or battle seemed like the fastest way to gain glory and honor. Honor was similar to glory in a number of ways, but while the public had to view actions and deem them glorious, each individual maintained their own definition and perception of honor which did not always coincide with honor as defined by the masses.…

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