Homework Should Be Reduced Because It Affects Parents Essay

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Homework should be reduced because it affects parents more in many aspects. Parents are the staple in any child 's life. They hold together the bulk of everything and are responsible for a whole lot. Homework does not only take a large toll for children parent’s suffer from the large amount students get also. Parents have a ton of responsibility, their child 's homework should not create bigger problems for them. Household and parents stress levels are affected maining because of homework. This is a good example of how homework is stressful for parents. “As well, homework can cause stress within households now that work and family arrangements are so much more complicated for many than they were a generation or two ago. As the brief notes, there are considerably more families in which both parents are in the workforce, more after-school daycare services, more single parents and more blended families.” (“Would Kids Be”). The quote is backing up the simple fact that homework stress does not fall just on their children. Households are falling apart at the seams and a big contributor to that is homework. Parents scream and yell at their kids to do their homework so they avoid the email home saying their kid did not complete the assignment. Most parents whether or not they are together or apart work. Most parents work full time which comes out to be more or less 40 hours a week spent at the office. Students have afterschool activities that the parents need to get them to. It’s…

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