Essay on Homework And Its Effect On Maintaining A Social Life

1802 Words May 5th, 2016 8 Pages
As a whole, students are extremely aware of homework and its seemingly catastrophic effects on maintaining a social life. Any amount of homework, small or large, will take some amount of time; as kids, not many students want to take the time to do the homework at a minimal level, let alone to use it as a tool to practice and learn. This mindset appears to defeat the purpose of homework on all levels; if students are only doing it in order to get it over with and get a grade, is homework really beneficial or rather a waste of time for both the teacher who has to grade it and the student who is doing it? The challenge is to change the mindset of the students, to alter the perception of homework. I will argue that homework is beneficial to both the students as well as the teachers due to the fact that it allows students to be continuously learning, provides more time in class for lessons, and teaches students responsibility.
Homework is a tool, which allows students to continue learning once the school day is over and will prepare students for the following day. Through assignments that are taken home, students are able to gain a deeper understanding, which allows them to better engage in class. When students spend time on a lesson at home they are able to deepen their understanding of the topic and further comprehend what they learned in class. In this way, the students stay engaged in learning even after they have left the classroom. Teachers expect students to come to class…

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