Homeschooling Research Proposal

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1.0 Problem introduction
This research proposal focuses on the social factors that influence homeschooling.the research approach used in this paper is qualitative research method.
1.1 Topic Basham (2012) home based education or home schooling is changing society image of education as it grows the scope and popularity in many nations. This non-traditional education is expanding at enormous rate in the united rates.basham (2001)during the last 20 years the general public familiarity with home schooling has evolved from a level of almost complete ignorance to one of widespread awareness The reason for choosing this topic is that it’s a popular topic among elementary field of study in the united states.
1.2 Problem statement
This research proposal
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The study will explore home schooling legislation in order to demonstrate the path way to the current regulation and legislation.
The research is important as it will investigate the partnership between the public school sector and the home based school sector.
The research is significant to this field of study as it will provide insight to the importance of home schooling to most parents in the past years as it was viewed to maintain family cultures and morals in their childhood and also provide conducive quite environment for learning .this research will study the following concepts education reform, social choice and home schooling.
1.4 Research questions and hypothesis
1. To determine the policies regarding home schooling in the north California united states?
2. To identify the link between the home school sector and the public
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What methods to apply how to measure progress and what constitutes success also specifies how to communicate about an area of research activity.
3.1 Research method
Interviewing using open ended questionnaire
3.2 Research procedure
Research procedure used includes 50 participants of which 50% are mothers open ended questions are prepared to cover the research questions. Door to door method is used were participants are interviewed and asked to answer questions on prior notice.
The participants chosen for the interview were middle class and low class to compare their preference on choice of education system, and the Results are recorded on the questioner and later transferred to an excel for further analysis.
3.3 Research methods discussion
The fifty participants were interviewed on face to face conversation using open ended questionnaires and results recorded.
3.4 Historical data

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