Homeless Case Report

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1. Introduction
Homeless is a big social issue that happens all around the world no matter how rich or lucky your country is. Australia is considered to be the lucky country but we still have homeless people. Homeless people are everywhere you may not see them but they are there. Anyone can become homeless it all depends on how your look upon life and your believes and morals are. The aim of this report is to make people more aware of what homelessness is and how people can help the homeless. Also so people don’t judge homeless people as much because it is that their choses to be homeless some had unsafe family’s and ran away from home with no place to go.
2. What is homelessness
Homelessness is when a person does not a happy,
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What gets done to help the homeless?
Lots of thing happens that helps the homeless people in the community helps the homeless by donating things like food and cloths. Many comperes help the homeless like the Red Cross they help by supporting the homeless, seeking donations, and helping prevent people from being homeless. Mission Australia helps by working with the government to help people get employment so they can pay for thing they need. Street smart helps the homeless by raising money, giving emergency aid street smart has raised $3,031,680 for the homeless to help them with programs to help them get off drugs and many more things.
3. Who can become homeless?
Many people can become homeless the mane people that are more likely to become homeless are people who takes drugs because they will get addicted to whatever drug they have being taking and spend most of their money on drugs and not worry about their need. People who are unemployed are likely to become homeless because they will not have any money without a job and will not be able to get their basic needs. People who are living in a family where there is domestic violence involved because the children or partner involved are most likely to run away with no place to go. 10% of homeless people are under the age of 12 years, 36% between the ages of 12-17 are homeless, 30% of homeless people are between the ages of 18-44 , and 24% of homeless people are over the age of 45 years old so it does not matter how young
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When it is time to get help
It is time to get help before you become homeless because if you have a parent or a partner that is violent towards you, you can call the police and get something done so you are less likely to become homeless. Another time to get help is when you just stated to be homeless so people can help you before it get worse. It is always a good time to get help but it is better before it happens.
6. Why do people stay homeless?
Homeless people stay homeless because they have been in that life style for a long time and some are scared for the really world and working and people judging at work that they have been homeless. Some homeless people stay homeless because they are addicted to drugs and don’t know what will happen when they stop taking drugs and some drugs mess with their mind and they prefer their life style.
7. Conclusion
This report is about where to get help when you are homeless and the warning sings of becoming homeless so you can get help before it happen. Also so people can see if they are at risk of becoming homeless.
8. Recommendation
I recommend people to get help before you become homeless and not to be scared to get help they are there to help that is why they have the help lines. Also don’t be scared to ask your family members for

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