Persuasive Essay On Homelessness

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Homelessness has been depicted as people living on the streets. When someone thinks of homeless people, they think of middle aged drunks on the streets. Homelessness isn’t just people on the streets; it's also people staying from one place to another because they don’t have a secure home. Homeless people are labeled as lazy drunks who do not want to better themselves. It isn’t always the case. Many do want to better themselves but struggle to do so. That is the case for some homeless youth. Many homeless students want to strive for more but they can’t do it because they are at a disadvantage compared to their peers.
Homelessness doesn’t just mean people living on the streets. Couch surfing is very common among young adults. It is most common among households with 13-17 year olds and 18-15 year olds. The article “Youth Homelessness and Vulnerability: How Does Couch Surfing
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when she was 15 and lived with her cousin. After a year living with her cousin, Mirka couldn’t afford to pay the increased rent. She moved out and looked for help. School was difficult because she didn’t have a computer to do homework. After school she would go to the library and work on her homework there. Mirka couldn’t afford food and would try to convince herself it was psychological. She often went to the dollar store to buy canned food. Mirka worked hard to get to college and got scholarships to pay her way through college. She knew getting an education would be the only way for her to rise out of homelessness. People think that homeless youth are at fault for becoming homeless. Many assume youth become homeless because of drug use, alcohol use, or because they are troubled in some way. It isn’t always the reason. Youths can become homeless because they are struggling financially or because they are trying to escape a abusive home. Foster kids are left to fend for themselves when they turn eighteen.

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