Home Schooling : Self Learning Or Self Defeating? Essay

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Home Schooling:
Self-learning or Self-defeating?
Some parents have become so dissatisfied with the public school system that there has been a growing interest in homeschooling around the world. More and more parents have chosen homeschooling for their children. Specifically, it is currently estimated that more than million children are schooled at home in United States for or disdain towards the public school system (qtd. in Lebeda 99). However, there have been controversial debates over the legality of homeschooling. Some parents believe that homeschooling is more effective way of education which should continue to exist as an alternative to public education while others view homeschooling pessimistically and they have argued against the legality homeschooling for various reasons such as academic achievement, parental involvement and socialization. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling and the reason why homeschooling should remain legal form of education.
Parents have many different reasons for homeschooling their children. For one, homeschooling enables students to avoid negative influence from the peer group. Parents are not satisfied with public education system because “they do not trust the schools to give their children the individual time and attention necessary to assure learning of basic rules society that they see becoming increasingly violent and unhealthy” (Dahm 68). In fact, the major factor of risky behaviors teens get…

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