Home Medical Case Study: New Mexico Healthcare System

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An exceptional framework has been found to help the elderly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This framework has allowed for acute treatment to occur in patient’s homes, rather than visiting hospitals. The length of stay and cost has decreased and patient satisfaction was enhanced in light of this new program (Foubister, 2011).
Key Issues: In hospital the key point issues faced were bed shortages and long waiting times. The elderly and plenty of others would then have the burden of a ridiculously large billing statement owing to the facility for acute care treatment. The Hospital at Home program was formed to help lower the costs and improve patient satisfaction for persons needing medical care (Foubister, 2011).
Situational Analysis: The home healthcare system was formed by the Leaders of the Presbyterian Healthcare Services. The service cares for over 700,000 patients even though it is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The agency’s network consists of multiple hospitals, in-state medical groups’, home care service, and hospice program. The agency also offers commercial health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare products to more than 500,000 of its members (Foubister, 2011).
Strategy Formulation: The home medical services framework was created at John Hopkins in October
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Persons who possess illnesses such as heart failure, COPD, complex urinary tract infection and other diseases are eligible for receiving home health care. These patients can still visit the emergency room if their condition worsens, although care at home is what is considered best for them. The program is deemed to be a success after the evaluation of completed patient surveys. Survey results show that patient satisfaction was above 94% based on 100 patients. The patients’ chronic illnesses were observed and continued to remain stable, resulting in fewer emergency room visits (Foubister,

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