Home Health Care At Home Essay example

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Home Health Care is form of health care administration that help people who needs day to day nurse care while at home. Some people who are on home health care are not able to do things on their own such as the following: make sure they complete their proper hygiene {bath, brush their teeth, and put their clothes on}, make sure their house is clean; make sure they take their proper medicine at the right time, and more. Home health care workers can play an important role in a person life. They are more like an adult babysitter. Home environment are supposed to be more conducive to the healing process. Many senior citizens have spent their life doing the things they want to do. They don’t want a health problem to become a major setback, so home health care comes in to make that person life better. They give the senior citizen a sense of security. Families allow the patient to have a quality health care without seeing a doctor in an office each day. They can receive their quality health care right at home.

Home health care workers help families and patients when they need them the most. The job of a home health care worker is set up by the patient’s doctor. They are housing nurses who visit a patience house daily to make sure all of the vitals and etc. are great. Home Health care allows you to make a big difference in a family life. Home Health Care Workers are also called Home Care Assistant/ Aide. Many people may wonder how you should become a home care nurse. Home…

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