Essay on Home Depot Case Study

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1. On the basis of Home Depot’s response to environmental issues, describe the attributes (power, legitimacy, and urgency) of this stakeholder.

Since developing its environmental principles on the twentieth anniversary of Earth Day in 1990, Home Depot has been on the forefront of environmental. They have developed many programs to address environmental concerns and have garnered support from the National Retail Hardware Association and Home Center Institute. They initially began using recycled materials for many of their supplies, but have since expanded their recycling initiatives to packaging, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and even opened the first drive-thru recycling center in Georgia (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2009). In
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What areas other than the environment, disaster relief, affordable housing, and at-risk youth might be appropriate for strategic philanthropy by Home Depot?
Home Depot can budget such a large amount of money toward philanthropy for the same reason they can spend so much on advertising. While many customers may be urged to visit Home Depot due to the latest commercial, circular or sale, many customers are becoming more socially aware and prefer to spend their money at businesses that share their beliefs. “"Doing well by doing good" has become a familiar motto in the business community, which acknowledges that the motivation to "do good" is at least partly self-serving” (Knowledge@Wharton, 2007, para 6).
Another area that Home Depot could make a big difference is in education. While they have done a lot of work with low-income families, more can be done within traditional public schools. Aside from just building playgrounds, Home Depot could expand their in-store clinics and make them mobile, sending them to the different schools in the area. They could teach the children to plant a garden, build projects and perform common household repairs. Not only would this benefit the communities, it would also create customers for life.

3. Is Home Depot’s recessionary strategy of eliminating debt and halting growth a wise one? What would you recommend to the CEO? Home Depot

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