Home Care Center Vs. Home Day Care Essay

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Many parents struggle with the decision on what kind of childcare is best for their child, a day care center or in-home day care. There are many reasons why parents struggle with this decision. Both provide care for a child while parents are away, and both will have an extra expense that will have to come out of the family budget. Even though, day care center and in-home day care have some similarities these two types of childcare could not be more different from each other like: expense, trust, and exposure.
Both day care center and in-home day care has an extra expense. However, the average weekly cost of a day care center is $188 for one child. Whereas, in-home day care is $140 for one child. The difference in the expense between the two types of childcare is about the cost of a pack of diapers. Day care centers tend to be more expensive than in-home care, because day care centers have to pay for renting the facility, as well as paying for their employees. Day care centers are also responsible for maintaining a safe environment inside the facility. For example, electrical outlets needs to be covered in order to make them child proof. Covering the outlets with a cover prevents a child from potentially electrocuting themselves. This expense is a small portion of your weekly cost for the day care center. In-home care you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for your child on your own as well as the expense. Despite both day care center and in-home day care…

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