Essay on Hollywood Movies Should Not Be Stifled

837 Words Nov 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Hollywood is unfairly being criticized by over sensitive ethnic politically correct babies which, ultimately will lead to a bland art and riskless boring movies. Movies should not be stifled by anyone other than the artist. For example, it is impossible to please everyone and obviously if someone is not happy with some art work do not support said artwork. Hollywood would not continue doing it if their projects did not generate huge amounts of income. In addition, we are dangerously close to making movies boring and imposing arbitrary rules. Hollywood movies seem to be the only art that is allowed to be criticize and demand what the public wants from it. There are some valid points in each piece of criticism but what if the public constantly boycotted famous painters and demanded they draw or paint something else. Like if the public thought drawing the Mona Lisa was vulgar and obscene. Constantly complaining about the art work never even contributing. It is easy to destroy but divine to create. If so many people do not like what is being offered, then let there be change and make different possibilities for movies and films. For something to change stop supporting it but analyzing the revenue generated by Hollywood, the public would see it seems no one has that much of a problem with what they are doing. Particularly, film making is an art but it is also a business. As a result, money talks and if people walk away from it they would quickly change how they view film…

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