Effects Of Race In Media

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Race in Media has been and always will be a topic under fire and conversation. More recently how Cultural appropriation is used in media has been a point many have been arguring about. When looking at both concept of race and nation in media it is a common theme that media stays commonly patriotic to the country that it is filmed/made in.
Media that goes against the grain in a diplomatic style, for instance ‘Black Mirror’ a controversial TV series by Charlie Brooker that went against the norms by refusing to represent England as ‘doing just fine’. Race when it comes to media is a many layered and difficult subject, we as an audience are used and for the majority acsept the representations that are given tok us. For instance common representations of the Afro Caribbean community in England and the African American community in America is that as a community they keep themselves to themselves and that there is a ‘us and them’ atmosphere when it comes to people of colour and Caucasians. Although there are acceptations to these statistics when it
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The representations of Muslims from the connotations of front pages have been detrimental to the overall representations of Muslims in the Media. Some have deemed this it be fearmongering and pinpointing the blame of all terrorism attacks on Muslims, when factually this is not the case. In a study by Cardiff University it was discovered that “Four of the five most common discourses used about Muslims in the British press associate Islam/Muslims with threats, problems or in opposition to dominant British values.” With Headline such as ‘BBC puts Muslims before YOU’ the media creates an ‘us and them’ atmosphere and represented Muslims as a group to fear and be afraid of, fearmongering us into

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