Hockey Paragraph

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Swoosh! The sound of players passing by. Ding! The sound of the puck hitting the post. These sounds represent my life. For 9 out of 12 months in a year my whole life is on hold for hockey season. There are many milestones that have gotten me to the place I am now. I have amazing friendships with people that I would have never known if I didn't join hockey. When I first joined a hockey team it changed how I felt in this world forever.
When I was about 6 years old I quit figure skating because I no longer enjoyed it. A few years passed by and I started missing being on the ice as often as I was when I was little. I told my parents and they said that they weren't going to put me back into figure skating because they knew I didn't enjoy it. I saw
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My first hockey practice was finally here. I was so happy. I was told to get ready quickly, work hard, and have fun. There was four friends that I met that day, Kiki, Emma, Jess, and Kallia. I am still friends with them to this day. There has been so many fun times since I have started including my first tournament. On the way to the rink I was talking to my dad in the car and he told me that if I wanted to score that if I wanted to score in this game then I would have to go straight to the net, with my stick on the ice and calling for the puck. I did exactly that on my first shift, in the first period, to score my first ever goal. Everybody was happy for me and I don’t think I have seen my dad as happy as he was. After I scored that goal I then realized that I could be going places in life with hockey if I work hard and enjoy what I’m doing. The next season was when I met my best friend. Her name is Sydney and we were both pretty quiet in the locker room so I went and sat next to her. We started talking and I found my core group of people that I hung out with that year. There was a new girl that year, but she wasn’t new to me because I knew her before she moved back to Omaha. I had no idea she played hockey until my dad told me. We welcomed her into our little group that we had. That season was probably my favorite season, I would do anything to get that same team together …show more content…
Earlier in the year in July there was a tryout for the u19 team. The u19 team team is the highest team in the Omaha Lady Jr. Lancers program. Girls from Lincoln, Omaha, and parts of Iowa come to tryout for this team. There are about about 30-50 girls that tryout every year. There are three days of tryouts. The coach calls every girl individually to tell them if they made it or if they didn’t. There are 16 girls on the team this year and I’m one of them. I am the youngest on the team and have been playing hockey for least amount of time compared to the rest of the team. The oldest on my team in a freshman in college. All my hard work has payed off to get me to where I am today. I practice in my garage everyday on top of the two team practices a week. I workout everyday to become a stronger player. My coaches push me as far as they can to get me to reach my full potential. My father is probably the toughest on me because he knows how hard he can push me before I snap. When I am the youngest it’s tough because I have to constantly prove to my coaches, my parents, and all the girls who didn’t make, that I deserve the spot on this team. Despite the huge age difference on my team we are a family and we stick

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