Hitler 's Leadership And Power Essay

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Hitler benefited from a unique set of circumstances, which provided opportunities for him to advance his leadership and power aspirations. It took, however, an extraordinary politician to achieve the level of political success he experienced in being appointed chancellor of Germany with only minority support from the ballot box. Through clever positioning, dogged determination, intimidation and masterful salesmanship Hitler maneuvered continuously until he gained and sustained power. His early political actions along with his introductory years as chancellor showed promise of achieving great things for Germany, but ultimately his delusional vision in which his ideology was based misguided his actions and the world witnessed a monster. Signs of his 'monster ' potential where apparent from the start and with this in mind his rise to leadership is all the more extraordinary. Hitler embodies the definition of both extraordinary and politician and demonstrated this by succeeding in turning a fledgling democratic system into a dictatorship. , , His rise to power was a combination of tenacious drive and unrelenting self belief, the ability to incite passion in a disillusioned and disenfranchised people, timing and multinational company greed. Circumstantial realities of post Great War Germany whilst playing a significant part in his rise to power were not the sole contributors as without the traits Hitler brought to the table, it is highly unlikely the German political…

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