Essay On Adolf Hitler's Use Of Propaganda

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At the end of World War I, Germany was harshly punished in the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and faced a state of disaster. Adolf Hitler gained power and combined his roles of Chancellor and President in the Reichstag into Fuhrer. Hitler had planned for a long time to commence the war of his own volition. Hitler and his fellow Nazis insisted that the eradication of Jews was justified in its response to a war launched against Germany by the Jews. At the core of the Nazi justification for the Holocaust was paranoia, rancor and complacent ire. The Nazis were able to spread their beliefs through others’ support and Hitler’s rise to power. How was the Nazi Party able to spread their views of anti-Semitism in Germany? Nazis were able to engender the German citizens negative views on Jews through cleverly used propaganda. The widespread propaganda came in all forms of media- literature, radio programs, videos and posters. Combined with Hitler’s masterful skills and …show more content…
Numerous author’s works were burned purely for the reasoning that their books contained ideas that were harmful to Germany. These authors included Karl Marx, Upton Sinclair and Helen Keller. Book burnings carried out by students represented defiance and resistance according to German tradition.” A boy at the book burning stated, “To ensure the purity of German literature, it was necessary to burn all ‘un-German’ books and documents that threatened the national movement of Nazi unity.” Other students argued that “Language held the soul of a people and that German literature for this reason had to be purified and liberated from foreign influence.” Joseph Goebbels gave a speech at a book burning where he said, “Jewish intellectualism is dead,” and “National Socialism has hewn the way.” Contrary to these beliefs, the book burnings were more symbolic and dramatic rather than a true purification of German

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