Destruction In Fahrenheit 451

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During the 1930s, the Nazis wanted to destroy the ideas and thoughts of their enemies. This was the major reason for burning books during that time of period. Burning such books caused the enemies to remain in silence, and was a sign of alert from danger. For instance, during the 1930s, such segregated groups were exterminated and killed because of the disparity and incongruity in their ideas. Jews were the main victims from these absurd acts by those who tried to hide their sins (Rose 33). The book, The Holocaust and the Book: Destruction and Preservation, delves into some of the crimes committed in the past, such as the murders of books and people. For instance, “they enslaved and killed Slavs, plundered and destroyed their books, indeed, …show more content…
In Fahrenheit 451, the acquired knowledge of the characters is usually through their hands and brain, rather than their heart. For instance, the scene where Montag involves in an audacious action. Montag kept on stealing the prohibited books seeking for his happiness in the new information about the book. Lee has come up with a marvelous quote that signifies this elucidation, “with a brain of its own, with a conscience and a curiosity in each trembling finger”(Bradbury 37). Montag’s hand would always commit the crime of theft, before he has the time to think, if what he is doing is right or …show more content…
To wrap up this essay, there is a considerable chance for the society to change by reading more banned books preventing the destruction that occurred in the city in the novel, but, it might go through a new cycle starting over just like the life of the historical phoenix. Woman’s Robe with Phoenixes and a Tree, the ancient painting of a proficient artist, can be shown as a great paradigm of the regenerated civilization, filled up with tranquility and prosperity. However, several have different perspectives and ideas to tranquilize the society. Those who want to eradicate the augmented knowledge from the previous mistakes, try to forget or hide the disastrous events, which will never work out to a peaceful solution. The problem will come up somehow if it is not resolved. In Jonathon Roses’ book, The Holocaust and the Book: Destruction and Preservation, demonstrates how people take the wrong step to hide such problems such as murdering the creators of the books with their work. Conversely, people with the same point of view as Montag and the other intellectuals, may not change the entire civilization, but make a drastic change. James Filler and Sunjoo Lee expounded on the characters that have the courage to make an effective transformation. The change would influence a higher percentage of people to utilize the knowledge requisite for the following civilization.

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