Theme Of Humanity In Fahrenheit 451

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Leo Tolstoy once said “We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.” Humanity has always been challenged by knowledge, and the desire to either flourish through understanding or sit in complacency. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag’s character is used to criticize humanity because of its human nature and meaning, absorption in technology and depression brought on by inequalities. First, it is shown that Bradbury believes humanity needs a heightened awareness of human nature because of the way he portrays Montag’s interaction with nearly all of the characters. It is exhibited that Bradbury wants the reader to attain deeper psychological understanding of their purpose of being here. “And …show more content…
“... Beatty attributed the new climate of intellectual and cultural sterility, as a kind of sourceless despair that causes people to turn their back on reading, on thinking, on being individuals” (Bloom 32). Bradbury recognized the upbringing of technology in his society, and realized the impact it might have on society’s future. This recognition helps Bradbury to positively forecast the rise of technology, in hopes that today’s society never actually reaches the same extent as the book. There is also a warning, that if humanity does continue on the path of technology, it may eventually become our family. Mildred Montag, Guy’s wife, refers to the parlor as her family because they make her laugh and she makes them laugh (Bradbury 69). Next, Bradbury uses Guy Montag’s thoughts and actions to criticize humanity for the depression they create upon themselves, because they compare their talents and individuality to others. It is a known fact that each and every individual has a varying thought process and mental capability, and because of this, the human brain is always contrasting itself with others. Thus in turn clouds the confidence, casting a negative notion on the human mindset. The conversation Montag holds with Beatty reveals Beatty’s belief that everyone should be completely …show more content…
Bradbury strives to challenge the reader to reflect upon their own lives, in search of what is the more important piece, knowledge or simply being content. The reader should learn that knowledge is positive power, in which they can assuredly affect humanity just through said human’s existence. The text is relevant to modern day issues such as suppression of individuality and humanity, where people feel slighted because others have different talents and gifts than them. This is relevant throughout the book because the government desires to suppress identity and originality; whereas today’s society often tries to cover people’s dissimilarities, thus everyone is equal and nobody has hurt feelings. “Part of the conditioning Bradbury attributes to his dystopia is the suppression of emotion, in particular of disruptive emotions that might cause discomfort in another” (Bloom 37). Bradbury uses his platform of writing to warn the readers against the exiling of emotion, while this will create the appearance of a dystopia, but in contrary makes a deeper depression in many people. In conclusion, in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Montag’s character is used to raise awareness and critique humanity about its human nature, enthrallment in technology and depression of mind brought on by inequalities. Although the beliefs of today’s people are changing, Bradbury

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