Hitler And The Treaty Of Versailles Essay

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Throughout the years, thousands of million people were manipulated because of Adolf Hitler’s power. When Hitler came into power in the 1930s, he did what was necessary to make Germany better again. Hitler had many plans to expand Germany regardless of the restrictions put into place after the Treaty of Versailles. This meaning, he went beyond by expanding Germany territory and the old territory that was taken away with the treaty.
Adolf Hitler made sure Germany did everything possible so no other country could take advantage or make less of them, as they did in the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler went against the treaty and its regulations that could have led to another war. Hitler with many other Germans supported this idea. Hitler continued to manipulate people with his power in order to take control of them. Now the question is how Hitler armed his soldiers and prepare Germany for what was yet to come.
Once the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, Hitler was humiliated. All of Germany was humiliated to be exact. The Treaty of Versailles identified Germany as responsible for the Great War. This treaty had regulations that stated that Germany had to pay a large amount of money to the Allies for all the damages to begin the reparations. The purpose of paying was to serve as an acknowledgement that Germany itself caused the war. The article by John Snell states that ten percent of Germany 's land and a large percentage of industrial resources were taken and given away.…

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