History Of Technology : Our Untreated Addiction Essay examples

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History of technology addiction started when technology came out. This therefore has been a fairly recent type of addiction that has been around for thirty years. The amount of people that are living with it are growing every day rapidly as new technology keeps progressively coming out. There is only so much a person can handle before they become addicted to a product. Technology since then has progressed lots by coming up with more items to add to products that are solely made for technology. The history of the argument began when technology first came out around thirty years ago. An example of this is in a Huffington Post article titles “Technology -- Our Untreated Addiction” by Zane Rubin that discusses the three types of destruction done to your self-esteem when you use social media. “The first is the ‘Why doesn 't anybody care?’ complex.” This is caused by posting a picture or article and getting absolutely no feed back such as likes or comments. “The second type is the ‘Why am I not (insert name here)?’ condition.” This is when someone gets left out of a function and people from that event purposely post a picture to make them feel bad. “The third kind is the ‘Where is my phone, where is my phone, what is this feeling of abandonment and loneliness, why is life so fleeting, where is my phone?’ disorder.” This only applies to people who think the world is only existent through their computer screen and what all they are missing Technology “is the application of…

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