Essay about History Of Migration By Asian People Into The Usa

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Marger begins by emphasizing the history of migration by Asian people into the USA; he notes that there are two distinct parts. The first wave is said to have begun around the middle of the 19th century and was spearheaded by Chinese migrants (Marger 2008a: 248). Their movement reflected the neoclassical theory of migration where people’s movements are dictated by push-pull factors especially on an economic level (Castles and Miller 2003: 22). The United States provided opportunities for unskilled, male Chinese laborers through the gold rush in California and the transcontinental railroad (Marger 2008a: 248). Their presence was believed to be a labor threat by the white majority and their virulent fear of an invasion led to the creation of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882; the first time for a specific group to be officially denied entrance into the USA (Marger 2008a: 248). This was obviously based on racist fear as studies have shown that immigrants, especially the small group of Chinese at that time, do not actually take away jobs and are more likely to create them with their labor (Tsuda 2010: 3). The Chinese ban allowed for unskilled, Japanese male migrants to take their place (Marger 2008a: 249). They ended up meeting the same fate as the Chinese with a ban on their entrance through the Oriental Exclusion Act of 1924). While these two groups were the largest, other smaller Asian groups were present within the first wave. Korean and Filipino laborers were heavily…

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