Essay about History Of Medical And Health Care

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Medical and health care is one of the most dynamic human disciplines, and large amounts of money are spent annually on high-quality and sophisticated research, resulting in an exponential growth in health care literature. Regularly, new and more effective medicines, medical devices, and procedures are invented. One major objective behind all these efforts is to help doctors, nurses, and medical technicians provide the best possible care and treatment to patients. In addition to using traditional and well established procedures and practices, health care practitioners are adopting innovative interventions that are based on best practices as well as solid research-based evidence. Evidence-based practice (EBP) is one such technique and is quickly gaining popularity due to its potential to effectively handle clinical issues and provide better patient care. Historically, care of the patient was influenced by the experiences and opinions of those involved in providing treatment [1]. EBP marks a shift among health care professionals from a traditional emphasis on authoritative opinions to an emphasis on data extracted from prior research and studies [2, 3]. A meta-analysis done by Heater et al. demonstrated that nursing practice based on evidence improves patient care, as compared to traditional practices [4]. Moreover, as nurses are increasingly more involved in clinical decision making, it is becoming important for them to utilize the best evidence to make effective…

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