History of Cosmopolitan Magazine Essays

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History of Cosmopolitan Magazine
Until the early 1800s, Woman’s Magazines were unknown and even unthought-of. That is until Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Ladies’ Magazine and Godey’s Lady’s Book, pushed the envelope (History of Magazines Slideshow Part 1, Slide 6). When Cosmopolitan was first published in 1886, transforming from a ‘family magazine’, surprisingly, to even a literary magazine. Although, it wasn’t primarily a Woman’s Magazine till 1960, changing the industry with its more risqué topics, the magazine branched away from the typical political-press starting a new category of journalism.
James Landers, an associate professor in the department of journalism and technical communications at Colorado State University, focuses on
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The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine). As the floor of journalism shifts, the idea of online journalism becomes more prominent. In most recent years, Cosmopolitan has impacted society, men and woman with such digital advances. With Apple’s Apps for iPads, iPhones, iPods and even television, Cosmopolitan has easily become one of the most renowned publications. The Cosmo Show, which was staged for the first time by Cosmopolitan magazine in 1996, covers health, beauty, fashion, finance, careers, food and travel, the main areas on which the magazine focuses (Carter, Meg. Cosmo Goes Live). Additionally, Cosmopolitan won a top honor in the 2010 Media Vangaurd Awards. With 50 digital sites online, 10 digital editions across all table devices, nine made-for-mobile apps and two iPad apps; Cosmopolitan exceeded what anyone would have thought in the 1886 (Advertising Age). With woman in the Journalism department, Newspapers and Magazines are able to depict the real woman’s personalities. Until this point, Men were more likely to portray the ideal ‘It Girl,’ which in all reality is where the woman magazine picks up slack on the honesty of the actual interests and opinions of your average woman. Society as a whole has

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