History And Process Of Voting Essay

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The History and Process of Voting (Rough Draft) The core values all citizens of the United States share are liberty, equality, and democracy. One right that falls under these guidelines is that of equal representation in the political atmosphere, namely voting. Undoubtedly, many Americans would consider the ability to vote fairly and freely a fundamental right granted by the Constitution. However, it is astonishing that the right is not specifically stated anywhere within the original Constitution, any of its provisions, or the Bill of Rights. There are centuries of history and legislation that allows Americans the right to represent themselves as a “government by the people, for the people,” (Lincoln) like they do today. A long history of struggles to define what a citizen is, and by extension who has the right to vote, through various acts and amendments culminated to form a very structured and organized method in the election of a president. Regardless of who had the ability to vote, the process of the election of the presidents itself would not be very efficient had a structure not been established early into the years after the formation of the United States. The framers of the Constitution had originally designed what was to be known as the Electoral College, a system that established how the president and vice president were to be elected, along with the hope that political parties wouldn’t arise and that candidacy was chosen solely on who was the “best [man]”…

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