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The Texas Primary Election is officially less than two weeks away. Now is a crucial time for SFA students to get informed about this year’s presidential candidates and their plans for office.

“The best way to get the government to respond to your concerns is to be involved in the voting process,” said Dr. Steven Galatas, SFA professor and political scientist. “Know who the candidates are and what they stand for.”

The Texas Primary Election allows Texas residents to nominate whom they wish to see as a primary candidate for the presidential election.

The voting in this year’s primary will be determined by indirect ballot. This means the voting ballot will contain the names of delegates in a party rather than the direct names of the presidential candidates.
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cards, Texas handgun licenses, U.S. military I.D., U.S. citizenship certification, and U.S. passports.

If a voter does not have any of the seven accepted forms of identification at the time of voting, a provisional ballot is available. This allows voting without I.D., given that the voter provides a valid form of identification within the next six days.

For those registered to vote, the next important step is to know where to go to vote.

If a student is registered to vote a county outside Nacogdoches, it may be inconvenient to make the trip just to vote. This is where the early voting ballot comes into play.

The early voting ballot is a method of voting designed specifically for those who will not be present in their registered voting county on polling day.

Students must send in a request by mail for an early voting ballot before Friday, February 19.

Once the early voting ballot is received, students have until Friday, February 26 to return the ballot containing their vote.

Early voting ballot request forms can be accessed at

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