Historical Events Have Affected And Influenced Modern Society

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Isaac Kim
Mr. Rosa
Junior Writing Project
2 January 2015
Many historical events have affected and influenced modern society. The Renaissance was a major event which occurred in mostly Europe and has inspired many other cultural movements around the world. The Renaissance started in 1350 in Italy. The rest of Europe became caught up in the Renaissance in 1450 and the Renaissance ended in 1620. The Renaissance was a significant era which viewed different themes such as music, literature, art, learning, religion, and more. The term “Renaissance” was coined by Italian intellectuals from the word rinascita which means rebirth or renaissance. The Renaissance impacted current society through its art, architecture, science and humanities. The Renaissance was divided into the Italian and the Northern Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance focused mainly on humanities and reviving Greek ideals. They uncovered many Greek literatures and paintings which they then emulated in their own works. The Italian Renaissance occurred in Italy and the main ideal of the Italian Renaissance was humanism which was an outlook where the human was the center of the world. Renaissance writers and thinkers were able to do as they please in their journey for knowledge, as they were supplied by their wealthy patrons. They often read classical texts or investigated Greek architecture. Furthermore, many Renaissance intellectuals focused on solving problems using their minds, which led to people…

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