Hispanics And The Hispanic Generation Essay

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Hispanics form a significant portion of the millennials in the US. The number of Hispanic millennials in the past few years is proving to be an important indicator to the projections that whites will be minorities in the coming decades. Hispanics form approximately 20% of all millennials. It is expected that Hispanics shall, in the coming decades, account for 80% of the population growth in the U.S. Unlike other generations of Hispanics; the millennials are widely distributed in the country. In major cities that also form the key markets, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, Hispanic millennials make up 25% to half the number of all millennials. Over 95% of the Hispanic millennials were born in the US. This number exceeds the numbers of the other Hispanic generations born in the US. The majority of them prefer English even though they are bilingual. This is essentially due to the role of family in their overall life choices.

The acceptance of the English language has largely influenced the media habits of this group. The majority of Latino millennials prefer English written magazines and websites. Over 70% of this group watches English-only television, with just 4% watching Spanish-only television. Hispanic Millennials are twice as likely to own recent technological gadgets such as the tablets compared to their non-Hispanic colleagues. The combination of English language and the identity of being American by birth have endeared them towards widely accepted American…

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