Marriott Vs Starwood Hotels

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The hotel industry has completely changed in the past ten years. Even this year for the merger between Marriott and Starwood, hotels became more environmentally friendly, or having theme park resorts. But these aren’t even the biggest trends. Today hotels are focusing their attention to the increasing demographic group of the Millennials. With that in mind hotels are interested in a couple factors first starting with what is a Millennials. Next what demands and need Millennials have, how they travel, what type advertising that attraction Millennials the best. Final how they plan do their own vacation. These are all factors that hotels are looking into. Millennials are the new upcoming generation to watch for. According to The Hotel Show (2016) …show more content…
For example, hotels are always making sure that they are always updated with newest technology, could be through high speed internet access, or to have meeting rooms with the latest visual aides. Hotels are completely rethinking of the hotel itself. (Rauch, 2015)
A great example of two businesses that are capitalizing on the Millennials is the Marriott merge with Starwood hotels. According to Trejos (2015) Marriott believes that they can catch the Millennial’s attention by taking in some of Starwood’s unique hotel ideas. “Starwood’s hotels such as W Hotel and Aloft are known for their edgy design, creative food and beverage offerings and hip public spaces.” These are the ideas and concepts the Marriott wants to incorporate more of in their hotels.
Another thing that hotels are tapping into for Millennials is creating an extended stay. There has been an increase in the past couple of years in business meetings, now in this day in age the business travelers are now Millennials. By making the hotel look and seem more attractive, Millennials traveler are more likely to extend their
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One reason says of the article Hotels Industry Trends (2016) why is because of everything being available on the internet, it is very easy for a person to create their own vacation plan. They can plan the entire vacation from booking the airline ticket and the hotel room by using Trivago, Exedipa and other websites. With these websites, they are able to get a percentage of the profit if a consumer book through them. That is why hotels are trying to cut the search engine websites out and to promote bookings directly on the hotel’s website. Sometimes the hotel website can give even better deals then the search engine website. “Hotels have also found out more than 50% booking take place

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