Hip Hop : The Most Popular Genre Of Music Essay

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Hip Hop music is arguably the most popular genre of music in modern America. Hip Hop has reached such a huge level that it can not be only defined as a form of music but it should defined as a culture. It is a culture that began throughout the youth of African-Americans in the late 20th century. It began in the inner-cities of New York and it shaped into a culture that allowed the youth of the inner-cities throughout the nation to express themselves and allow them a place in society. Hip Hop began as an escape for the poor and troubled youth in inner cities to have somewhere free and safe from the tough world that they were brought into.
Many argue that in modern America, Hip Hop has not fully kept with its roots of being a safe haven for African-Americans and Latinos in the projects.
Many believe that the core beliefs and culture of Hip Hop has has been taken away from the African American community by “corporate” America and that the culture needs to stay in the black community. This is a widespread debate among the African American community and in some ways, I believe they are right. Although, I also believe that to understand the true meaning of Hip Hop culture would be to not limit the culture to only one race. I believe that Hip Hop belongs to those who are oppressed and forgotten. It belongs to the people struggling to make ends meet and who feel like that they do not have a place in society. Hip Hop is a form of rebellion and a show of strength and resilience to…

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