Hip Hop : The Cold Crush Crew And The Rocksteady Crew Essay example

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Hip Hop can be defined as a culture containing the following elements: Bboying/Bgirling, Tagging, DJing, MCing, and Knowledge. Hip Hop also has an influence in other areas such as media and fashion. Hip Hop is not to be confused with rapping, because rapping is a subset of the overall umbrella that is Hip Hop. In today’s society, many people fail to realize that in order to be a true Hip Hop artist they must incorporate more than one element into their career.
Bboying/Bgirling, people often refer to as breakdancing, is an artistic form of dancing in Hip Hop. This dance form is built on a foundation of popping, locking, and bboying(breaking). In terms of dancing, being accepted as a b-boy is one of the highest achievements a dancer can get. A true b-boy dedicates their life to the culture and pursues higher levels of Hip Hop. An example of true artists that represent bboying are the Cold Crush crew and the Rocksteady crew. The Cold Crush crew are famous for their bboying and emceeing. They are affiliated with other prominent groups such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The Rocksteady crew are famous for some of their performances. They have gained some of their prominent status by defeating other crews in competition.
Tagging(Graffiti) is a form of visual art usually marking a public space by an individual or group. Tagging is most often thought of as a stylistic symbol or phrase spray-painted on a wall by a member of a street gang, but it is not always…

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