High School Vs. Middle Schools Essay

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The Sizes of food are the same in High schools as they are in elementary and middle schools due to a “Health code” that dictates or highlights the fact the average student is “Too Big.” In West Virginia, high schools, the portions of food are inadequate, also, the size or quality must include bigger and better amounts and not the same or equal to that of the food present in elementary or middle schools. Doing so can harm or affect an individual’s thinking and ability to act while learning. Students should in fact be eating more food but also have the proper education on how to balance out their health by doing the proper amount of exercise to stay fit.
At the Phillip Barbour, High School, over 80% of the students complain of the lack of food. The students know that the amount of food equals to that of which all schools underneath the high school serve. -(My survey On Food and Obesity) Serving a high school student more food can help him or her concentrate more on the tasks ahead. When a student is thinking of his or her stomach, then the thinking process for present tasks can and usually does become more difficult. For any school to act right or even have the authority to open its doors, it should have enough money to give the right amount of food and or nutrition available. This can’t happen at a school because, a school needs to notice the needs of its students.
If a school board was to talk about percentage of how much it should raise the food quality and portions, it…

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