High School Vs. College Essay

796 Words Mar 28th, 2016 4 Pages
What do you think about high school vs. college? Many people have their own different opinions on this. Some people say that college makes the student become independent, helping them mature. It helps them mature by letting them do certain stuff on their own such as deciding what classes they want to take and when, making room in their schedule to study and take care of adult responsibilities like filling out paper work. Others say that high school makes the student dependent on everyone around them. People are always there to guide you every step of the way, supervising everything you do such as attending class and making sure you get there on time. They also decide what classes you will be taking each year. I believe that college is way more difficult than high school because you have to be more independent and rely on yourself than what you’re used to in high school. The first thing college does is it teaches you how it feels to be on your own. Mostly everything you do in college is independent. The adult decisions you make every day and have to take responsibility for help you become independent. You have to make them on your own without anybody’s help. Such as if you’re going to attend class or skip class and most of the time they are no consequences if you choose to not attend class. Unlike in high school if you skip class your parents will get a phone call that afternoon telling them you were absent for a class. Also your parents aren’t involved in it as much as…

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