High School Vs. College Essay

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High school vs. College
The quote “Education is the most powerful weapon that one can use to change the world.” comes to mind when I consider the stages of education that one must go through in order to be successful in a fast paced, expanding, and ever-changing world. There is no doubt that as a person grows, so does his/her ability to retain more complex knowledge on the more basic things. After graduating from high school, a great deal of people consider themselves experts on education; they do not continue on to expand their knowledge in college. However, few students who enroll in college directly after school are prepared for the changes that come with the continuation of their education. High schools and college have numerous similarities; they both have a goal to expand one’s knowledge, and they both suggest the importance of attendance to class at a scheduled time. However, the differences between the two are easily evident and abundant. High schools function on an organized and set structure. High schools formulate a schedule for students that fluctuates very seldom. The classes follow the same order, meet at the same time, and are taught by the same instructor. Students are required to be present and there are few exceptions to that rule. Teachers take attendance daily and report it to higher authority for him/her to record. If a student’s attendance is not consistent, the school contacts a parent to notify him/her of the consequences that he/she may…

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