Essay about High School Vs. College

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High School vs. College The transition from high school to college is an exciting start for the development in a chosen career. For many people, college is a synonym of freedom and an independent academic life. However, Many students argued that a postsecondary education is very similar to the one received in high school. Nevertheless, the college experience is completely different in terms of costs, class methodology, and extracurricular opportunities. First, the costs between the two institutions make an enormous difference. College is extremely expensive. Just filing an admission application requires paying some fees, as well as the matriculation . The tuition in colleges differ from states, however, an average for a state resident can be around two thousand per semester and for an out of state student, the tuition doubles the amount. On the other hand, high school is funded by the government, offering free education to all students. Even though there might be some special fees for some classes or clubs, the maximum that a high school scholar will pay yearly would be around twenty dollars. Furthermore, college students are expected to buy all their books, since they are indispensable in their respective classes. Unfortunately, college books are also tremendously costly and a student can even spend a thousand in books. While in high school, students do not have to pay their books since the schools are in charge to provide them. In addition, another difference is that…

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