High School Should Be More Like College Essay

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High School Should Be More Like College A common belief is that college students perform better than high school students because of the fact that college students have to pay for their classes. While this is true, there is another reason why college students are able to receive better grades: college students choose their teachers. In high school, a student may be able to sign up for certain classes, but the teacher that the student receives is not one of his or her choosing. If students could choose their own teachers, a student’s success rate would improve based on the material he or she would receive from the teacher, the student could choose teachers that better conform to him or her based on the method the teacher uses, the student could choose a teacher that is willing to spend the amount of time needed to help him or her be successful, and the students choosing the teachers would also help the school system monitor the teachers. If a teacher lacks important qualities, the student should not be expected to succeed. Based on the teacher, a student may find it impossible to do well in a class. While some people believe that students choosing their teachers would be a waste of time, students choosing their teachers could actually be one of the greatest decisions a school could make. The material a student receives from a teacher is undoubtedly the most important aspect of learning a student receives from his or her teacher. If the information given to the student by…

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