Essay about High School Students Should Not Required An Application Fee

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Some people grow up and know exactly where they plan on going to college, mostly since their parents support a sports team or attended that school as well. But, all schools are different. Some schools include better academics, some are composed of multiple sports championships, and some are more expensive than others. All these factors vary by school and by state. High school students looking into higher education should not assume out-of-state schools are not an option; they may include a higher quality degree plan for a more preferable price, as well as the campus ambiance of another home.
Ultimately, when applying to schools, apply to numerous schools, near home and away from home. Schools do charge an application fee, so put thought, care, and seriousness into the applications. When applying to schools, there are two classifications; in-state and out-of-state. This is most commonly referred to when discussing tuition costs. Being an out-of-state student is more expensive than in-state, but the prices are different for each state and every institution. Students who are not residents of the state they will study in, pay more consulting that they have not been paying taxes for that state. Part of residents taxes go towards public schools in that particular state, so they have been paying taxes to the school for a year or more which the state rewards with diminished tuition cost to their institutions (What Is The Difference). Meanwhile, while waiting for an application…

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