Essay on High School Students And College Campuses

1835 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
For most high school students, college is just around the corner! Most students have had a long treacherous journey of essays and endless amounts of application questions for college or post secondary education. Then, the day finally comes when the emotional acceptance letter arrives and the enrollment process begins. Contracts, terms and conditions, and code of conduct are just a few papers that college students read and sign in compliance with campus rules. After, the final step is to move-in, meet new students and go to classes. All high school students have heard of the crazy college stories and fun college students have, but what about the untold stories of sexaul assaults that happen on college campuses? Sexual assaults rates are high overall globally. The highest rates are found in southern Sub-Saharan Africa at 21%, and the lowest are found in India, Bangladesh and Turkey at 3% to 4.5% (“Women Face”). The United States faces rates of 13% overall (“Women Face”). On college campuses, rates jump to 20%, or one in five (“Obama Launches’”). Sexual assaults on college campuses are commonly committed, but are often hidden from incoming students and reports, however they are finally getting federal and public attention.

Sexual assault is the forcing of a sexual act on a victim using violence or a mood altering substance without their consent. Bonnie Fisher, a professor for Criminal Justice and Research at the University of Cincinnati for explains there are two types of…

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