The Consequences And Effects Of Sexual Assaults On College Campus

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Worldwide, someone is being sexually assaulted every two-and-a-half minutes. Out of that, one in four women are college students (Newman). Attending college and having to pay for it should never come with the risk of being sexually assaulted. Sexual assaults on college campuses is a growing problem, but can easily be fixed by schools themselves taking a stand.
When choosing a college, many people believe a low sexual assault crime percentage in a school reflects pro-activeness; instead, it could more likely reflect that a campus is not doing enough to prevent sexual assaults (Domitrz). Less than five percent of these violent assaults are committed by male, college students on campus. Out of these estimated five percent, 90 through 95 percent
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Many incoming students come into college without any background on the seriousness of sexual assaults. Without any background on it, one might not see it as a serious situation. If all universities and colleges require new students to take this class their first year, it will open up the eyes of many. For those who thought it was a funny matter might take a step back and see how serious the consequences and aftermath of sexual assaults can be. Being informed is the best tool that a school can provide to its …show more content…
One thing that many incoming college students look forward to is joining a fraternity or sorority house. This not only gives new students a group of friends but people they can come to in times of need or information. Campuses that provide incoming students with eye-opening experiences that raise awareness is a big key in solving this problem. The Rock Against Rape event in the University of Maine is an event that not only raises awareness on this matter but considers solutions to sexual assaults. This event was attended by an estimated 800 students and staff (Gagnon and Gluckman). With events like this specific one, many schools around the United States can raise awareness in a fun

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