Campus Rape Essay

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According to, as high as 25% of women who attend higher education institutions were sexually assaulted in the duration of their college careers. With that being a rather high rate, less than 5% of the victims of sexual assault crimes actually report their attacks to law enforcement. The dynamics of college life seem to fuel the problem – as most people who are attacked are intoxicated, under the influence, unconscious or even drugged. Sadly, most of the victims say they knew who their attackers were and some are often even acquaintances; 63% admitted to committing about six rapes each. How can something so morally incorrect and just plain inhumane, such as sexual assault on campus, start becoming a rising problem, then why do we …show more content…
Many universities constantly do not report any sexual assaults that do happen on campus and they tend to discreetly look the other way. Universities have so much to lose - federal funding and prestige- if they were to say that their campus has a rape problem, so instead the universities falsely report statistics made or even blame the victim for the assault that took place; keeping the sexual assaults quiet. For the most part colleges try to take action into their own hands and doing a petty job at doing so, especially because they are not qualified in handling these situations. So if college campuses do not tend to take action right away or in any effective way, why not just go to the police? One of the main reasons why sexual assault victims typically do not go to the authorities is because they do not want anyone to know. Depending on the size of the college the attacker most likely is in the same friend group, thus making it harder to confront the situation. Also, most survivors do not end up telling anyone, even their …show more content…
These students thought they had their life pretty much planned out, going to college and getting that college experience before going out in the world, and to have it completely turned upside down and rewritten on account of someone acting like a monster. Whether the student was intoxicated, under the influence, had previous consent but change their mine does not give the slightest amount of reasoning to be okay; and for those who have committed this crime and have gone unpunished is just sick. When people do not believe the victim at hand or believe that it is an actual crime, they do not see the after effect it has on the victim. The student will no longer be herself, maybe after a long time, in a sense it will slowly kill her inside and I believe that should not go unpunished and definitely not taken lightly. With all these policies being enforced and having Universities keep up with their statistics is a start to an end of sexual assault. For years women have been fighting for equal rights and we are finally able to receive higher educations to better ourselves, why are we moving backwards. Women, like all human beings should, have rights and they do not get to be taken away like this. People clearly do not get to choose

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