High School Should Not Be Universal Essay

815 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
In the United States it was decided that high schools will become universal, but everyone didn’t agree with that decision. During this time the Europeans felt that high school shouldn’t be universal because it would be a waste. It has now became a clever choice that America has made almost one hundred years ago, because of the high school education there has been major growths in factories and industries. Today this same debate has come across the headlines of media against college. With the majority of students in debt and not grantees a job after school, the argument is college shouldn’t be a requirement, furthermore most high school graduates aren’t ready for college-level work. Evidence has shown that college is a good investment, because even with a job such as a cashier by having a degree it may pay off in the long run. This debate is encouraging students to not reach their full potential while in school, which is going to lead them to stopping their education at high school. The main argument is cost of college, but Students who have gotten a four year degree working a full-time jobs making forty percent more than a high school graduate. Studies has been done that going to college has major benefit even in jobs that doesn’t even require a degree. People who has a degree makes a lot more than a person without one because the more education you have the more you’re skilled by getting jobs with companies that pay much more or own your own business. Skeptics has argued…

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