Essay On My Reason For Attending College

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Coming straight out of high school, many might continue their education because it is what they’ve been told to do their whole lives. However, my reasons for attending college go a bit further than that. I strive to become an engineer so I am attending college in the hopes of obtaining a good job that can support me through all of my endeavors. Right now, I am studying to get an associates in programming by the time I graduate high school. That degree will help put me through college so that I can afford to get my bachelor’s and then masters in engineering.
The decision to attend college was an obvious one, yet it has also been one of the most important decisions I will make in my life. Currently, I am studying for my associates in programming but once I graduate, I will go back for a degree in engineering. Originally, I intended to study petroleum engineering but as I research more about careers, I find myself stuck between petroleum engineering and a more computer oriented type of engineering. I still have two more years left to decide but I believe I will stick with
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I had average grades and wasn’t interested in my education. Once I transferred to public school, I began to make perfect grades in everything although fifth grade was a frightening year for me. At first everything was decent but then the bullies came. They tormented me for one year and then when I hit middle school, they disappeared. I formed a new family with the band and I began to enjoy my studies. Upon taking an engineering course, I instantly fell in love and the more classes I took the more I enjoyed the field. Now that I am in high school, I have had several teachers who have pushed me to try harder and to strive for excellence. Although I have had one or two teachers who aren’t necessarily the best teachers, I have had amazing teachers that help me to succeed in school and that I am grateful

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