High School Should Be Taught Essay

1255 Words Oct 4th, 2015 6 Pages
In the United States, most students after high school move on to college to get an education and have a career path. High school teachers teaching to the test, giving study guides relatively the same as the test, and not expanding on the material needed is not a great preparation for colleges. College professors wants students to be prepare with skills and knowledge, rather then waste time on things that should’ve been introduced in high school. The problem is not that teachers are not teaching the right material to these students, those who make up these new changes and inputs to today’s education are the ones accountable for the education of these students. High school teachers should teach the same way college professors teach, so that these students can have an effective college experience. Overall, classes should be more difficult, and students should be held to a higher standard in their education then today. High school should be more like college with more advance classes, more independency, and a better development on reading and writing skills. This solution will help students throughout their college experience and help students with a successful future.
College is an important part of today’s education and really important for students to acquire general knowledge and develop skills from a teacher. Nowadays students in high school are learning useless information in some classes in which I have experienced myself, teachers are teaching randomly throughout the…

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