Message To My Freshman Student Analysis

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In Keith M. Parsons’, “Message to My Freshman Students.”, He shows that he is very biased. To me the points he tells don’t prove anything, as they’re invalid. For the first time ever in his career, he is teaching a freshman course. Parsons has heard about the incoming freshman and believes that he is ready for what’s soon to come. He tells how students need to adapt to how professors teach, when coming into college. He also says that the teachers are the ones to blame for freshman students being, “apathetic, incurious, inattentive, unresponsive and frequently absent” (Keith M. Parsons’,” Message to My Freshman Students”). Keith believes that because they’re the ones coming to him, he shouldn’t change what he is used to, to suit them. Furthermore, Keith says that students don’t know what hard work, diligence, intelligence and integrity really means because, they have had everything given to them. He goes on to talk about how him as well as other Professors are not Teachers and what makes them different . …show more content…
Now I agree that students should be challenged. However, don’t change their entire way of learning. Teachers hold student’s hands to make sure they understand in the simplest way. As times change, people must adapt. Why make it hard for the students? They are already under enough pressure. You can’t forget that they’re the future of the world. Therefore, professors are a key element to making sure they point their lives in the intended direction, just as the teachers did. That not caring attitude is just selfish in my opinion. You already know the material, so why not spread that knowledge and make everything in the world easier. If you think about it, if everyone is enlightened then everything they do would be more efficient. It’s no time for learning a new way to learn, especially now that students have to pay to learn

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