High School Should Be Mandatory Essay

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The most common phase a high schooler will hear from their teachers is that their circulation was nothing compared to college, and that if they didn’t pay attention now, they would be unprepared for what to come. By the time I became a senior in HS, this became more of a mantra than a threat. Teachers taught students that college was the next big step in life, but high school is the last section of the main trail that would abruptly cut off, and this would often have led to students joining the workforce, attending a trade school, higher education, or a non-traditional path. Sometimes, the student would start this path early, and their priority wouldn’t be school anymore. Therefore, high school should prepare students to become adults, and one way to do this is by remodeling it with the same principals as a college.
One of the main changes would be giving HS students the same flexibly and freedom as college students, as for some students, they have decided against gaining a higher education and high school may conflict with their main objective. In some situations, a student may join the workforce early because of their household, but due to the all-or-none principal of public schooling, they would have to drop out. Some schools will offer a student to leave school early if they can offer documentation, but sometimes this is limited to leaving thirty minutes before the end bell. Another case is where the school may allow seniors to leave early as they do not require a full…

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