High School Musical As A Young Fan Essay

1276 Words Sep 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Like a river, high school has been a winding journey for me. Sometimes I am not sure what is around the bend. With each bend change happens within me when I allow it to. My mom once said, sometimes you have to give up to get up. The river started off nice, calm, and welcoming and then the water started to pick up the pace. I have changed as a person and have matured more through the raging waters and rapids than the calm of my freshmen year.
Going into my Freshman year I had some high expectations for high school. I will blame that on what I learned from High School Musical as a young fan. I guess singing and dancing while playing a basketball game isn’t a real thing and only happens in that movie. There is no singing or dancing during lunch either. And no one has two lockers that are pink. Freshmen year was not like High School Musical interpreted it to be. The Freshmen year had a hint of small rapids making my stomach quiver at the start of every new experience a freshman may face. My nerves took over at the start of every athletic season, every new activity and every new class. I was stressed about school, making it to class on time and pleasing anyone and everyone. Then there was the calming waters. Everyone was so welcoming, and I had a good friend group. I worked hard to fit in and be well-liked. I couldn’t wait to experience high school sports and be on a team with older teammates. Life was good as I worked to be a great version of me.
Then, the rush of the river…

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