Essay High School Dropouts : Causes, Consequences, And Prevention

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High School Dropouts: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention
Dropping out of high school can have a strong impact on the rest of your life. Having a high school diploma is critical to achieving higher education or getting a better job. However not everybody is able to finish high school and go on to college for a passage to better circumstances. When a person drops out of school there is are many causes for their decision. High school dropouts have become an increasingly important issue in the past years due to the rates remaining constantly high. Dropping out of high school has long been a problem for at-risk students and low income families but is a glaring issue in our school systems. Economic, societal, and equity considerations all point to the need for interventions that could cause some of the roughly one million students who leave school each year to make a different decision (Tyler). Leaving school for any reason without completion places financial and social limits on the students. Teenagers will continue to drop out of high school due to social, physical, and financial reasons at a constant rate unless we educate them at an early age,provide good counseling, and decrease poverty rates.
Teenagers drop out due to many reasons such as family or personal issues. “Understanding why students drop out of school is the key to designing effective interventions to help solve this critical and costly problem. Yet identifying the causes of dropping out is extremely…

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