The Success And Success Of Manny Hernandez's Success

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If you have read my past work at all, you know I am beyond passionate about helping businesses succeed. I personally believe that in order to any business to find sustained success it has to be led by a person with a go-get-em attitude and the iron will to work as long as it takes to achieve their goals. One such individual you may or may not of heard of is Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez. This Puerto Rican businessman has achieved more than he ever thought possible. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down one-on-one with Manny to learn just what led to the success he has found.
Manny’s Hernandez’s Success:
Manny has achieved his success by created Click Cash Marketing Inc. and Media, which is a company that specializes in generating the high
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Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez was born in 1982 in Puerto Rico. As part of a family of five, living in the small town of Camy, he learned what it meant to help others. In fact, as a small child he loved helping others in business ventures. He was an entrepreneur even at a young age. His first attempt at created a business came out when he was still in school. He sold tody made up Tree Seed to other children at his school under the name of “Gallitos.” His Gallitos toy was successful in a sense, but school for Manny wasn’t that great.
A Successful Drop Out:
When Manny was in 10th grade, he decided to drop out of school. He did this because he felt the school system failed him. He said the following about his experience with school,
“The school system failed me as it was designed to create workers, and I am not a worker. I am an entrepreneur.”
After dropping out of school, Manny started working with his cousin Cano at a local Tire’s Sale Shop. He kept this up for one year. However, he was laid off after that time as a result of an unhealthy economy on the island. Thankfully, Manny didn’t give up when this fell through. He still remained committed to succeeded.
His First Real Success in
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He came up with a great idea that led him to begin making a profit. His idea was a simple but useful one, which is of course what makes up most great business ideas. Manny started selling waters at a traffic stop. Unfortunately, he had to give his water business up eventually due to the fact that it required him be out in the sun too many hours a day, which was having a negative impact on his skin.
Time to go to The Army:
After moving away from another business venture, Manny decided to join the Army in 2006. He did this because he needed a stable income to support his young daughter. After going through basic and advanced training programs, he was assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group in October of 2007. Shortly thereafter, he was deployed to active combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he proudly served for eight months. Although Manny was proud of his service to be sure, he couldn’t help feeling the Army was restrictive. After all, he had to ask a superior officer to do virtually anything.
How Does This All Lead to Manny’s Current

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